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"Selfish wife I've had it, this is the last straw. I can handle not getting sleep because my wife watches TV full blast watching Key and Peele and American Horror Story (and watching episodes repeatedly claiming she hasn't seen them) while I only get a 20 minute nap each way to/from work. But twice...after working 8am-1am and walk in through the door I've caught our daughter unattended. Once she was in a soiled leaking diaper banging on the TV that could have fallen on her at 1:06 am (and i video recorded this) as her mother was passed out on the couch. When I woke her up she responded "I fell asleep? I have to start over again!" The second time at 1:26am, recorded again, daughter was in the crib with the side down holding a tablet butt naked as Mommy was watching TV saying. When i told her the danger, her response was "I'm calling the police! You are verbally abusing me." Fortunately I showed the police the video I recorded and when they arrived my wife's response was "talk to him outside, I'm watching my show. He needs to leave. But our daughter was still unattended in her crib. Thank Lord they made her leave after seeing my daughter in person and in the video. This also includes the time she left our daughter in a car for afew minutes so to get a friend of hers out of a restaurant they quickly ran into to pick up food they ordered. The friend of hers said 'i asked her where (kid) was and she said she was tired of waiting and had to make a judgment call. I'm so sorry but you have to know because it was in (her)car and (she) did not want to be in trouble." I hope this videos and her friend's statement work so I win custody. Today will be a long day of filing for divorce and finding a great lawyer. I can't believe someone I tried to love so much out themselves and television shows over their child's well being. "

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