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"warning adult content- Let me start by saying I DON'T CHEAT, this is the first time and it was a one time thing that will never happen again but two years ago my husbands brother got remarried to a woman with a 15 year old son. May long weekend i let him f*** me. For the last two years i have watched him as he tried to peek down my top every time i bent over or caught him looking at my butt when i walk and countless times i have caught him with a b**** after checking me out. I am 38 and i'm not going to say i am any type of super model but i stay in shape and at 5 foot 4 inches and 125 pounds i don't look bad, he is a bit nerdy and not a very big kid and according to him i was only his second. We had everyone out to our lake lot for may long and parked all the campers in a circle facing in, Last night of the weekend we partied the night away and finally went to bed. I woke up around 4:00 and noticed the flickering of the fire outside and even though i was drunk i remembered my husband putting it out and thought i better go check on it. I had gone to bed naked and tried to get my husband hard but he was beyond that point so pulled on just a sweater and a pair of sweats and snuck out of the camper but right away i noticed him sitting there in a chair by the fire so i walked up and asked what he was doing. He said "Dunno...Can't sleep, Is Cassie coming out tomorrow?". Cassie is my daughter but at 15 she is too cool to hang out with her parents on may long. I told him no and realized that the only reason he was probably there was hoping she would be as well. I only had a sweater on and nothing else so with it being a cool evening my nipples were hard and he couldn't take his eyes off them. I looked down and he already had a b****, I looked around and decided...f*** it...i'm not related to him. He looked up at me and realized he was caught, He looked down and adjusted his b**** and i said "Come with me". I led him to the park a few hundred meters away where we were out of sight and stopped looking him in the eyes, He looked at me and said "What?" I proceeded to tell him that i know every time he tries to look down my shirt or checks out my bum and he started to say something but i stopped him and said "Now is your chance". He swallowed hard but stood still so i looked at him and said "Do you want to see them?", All he could do was nod his head so i unzipped my sweater and took it right off. He stood there staring and i took his hands putting them on my b****, I can guarantee it will be a long time until he ever holds another pair of D cups in his hands and i could feel him shaking as he fumbled with them. I was getting off on being the boss which i don't get to do with my husband and i put my hands on his and said "Slow down" then put my hand on the back of his neck and pulled his head down. He was awkward and had no idea what he was doing and for a bit i think he thought he was breast feeding, I pulled his head away and dropped to my knees, I pulled his shorts down and even though he is 17 he has the smallest wiener i have ever seen. Couldn't be more than 5-5 1/2 inches and thin but i will say i don't think i have ever seen one that hard. I took it in three fingers and gave it 6 strokes and he came jerking his hips and coming on my neck, I was shocked to say the least and a bit disappointed but i noticed as he stood there shaking and wheezing with me still stroking his wiener that he never missed a beat and was still rock hard. I looked up at him and smiled and he looked sad and said "Sorry", I used my sweater to wipe off the c** and stood up, I leaned in and whispered "It's ok...Now you'll last longer when you f*** me". I turned around and grabbed the bars and stuck out my bum, He massaged me through my sweats and i told him he would have to pull them down to get what he wanted, He pulled them down and tried to shove his wiener in me but i reached back and pushed him away and told him "Lick it". He obviously has no experience because he was like a dog on a water bowl in the desert but it was getting the job done, After a minute i reached back and put my hand under his chin lifting it and he never even questioned it just went right to work licking my bum. I turned around and laid down on a platform spreading my legs and he tried to kneel down. I told him "No, You are done now" and he stepped between my legs, I went to reach for his b**** and before i could he shoved it in me. I don't want to say that my husband is huge or anything but in comparison he was really small, He was going hard and fast and it actually felt pretty good as i guided him pulling my nipples and f****** me. I whispered "Don't come in me", He nodded his head not paying attention and i lifted his face to look at me and said "NOT INSIDE" sternly, He nodded again and told me was going to come, I pointed to my stomach and said "here" which didn't work out. He pulled out and was already coming, I had come running down my crack, On my vag, On my stomach and all the way up to my b****. He stroked it a few times and shoved it back in me which was surprising but welcome, I had to keep pushing him back because again he was like a h**** dog trying to shove it in me. I slowed him down and he gently slid it in with another stern warning to slow down. He actually pulled it together and as he worked in and out i rubbed myself pulling his head down so he would watch as he squeezed my b**** and pulled my nipples, After a couple minutes i was about to finish and he asked if he should pull out again. This time i told him "No, f*** it, Inside now" and we actually came together, I started involuntarily shaking and came harder than i have in a LONG time with him holding my legs up and i don't know if it was his or mine but i had come running down my ass again and this time he tried to keep going but he went limp and slipped out. I got on my knees and sucked him then tried sucking his b**** but it was over, I stood up and kissed him and said "Feel better?", He was breathing heavy and mumbled something and i whispered "What?", He whispered "Can i lick you some more". I have never gotten off more than once but i laid back and with come everywhere i tried to wipe it off as best i could but he dove in and i pushed his head down making him lick my bum again, i rubbed my c*** and came again in short order. When it was over i stood up and he was basically begging me to let him keep going, I told him i thought he was done as i stroked his little, limp wiener and then said the sun will be up soon and we should get back. I let him suck my b**** for a minute as he rubbed my vag and then got dressed, We snuck back and i went in the camper and hid my sweater which was gross from using it to wipe off. I thought it took a lot longer than it did but it was only 5:00 so i cleaned up and crawled into bed naked and completely fulfilled, My husband rolled over, Looked at me and said "Where were you?", I panicked a bit and said "Went for a walk", He rolled to face me and peeked under the blankets then smiled and i knew i was in trouble since there is only one reason i come to bed naked and he knows that but i think it actually made our s** better. For obvious reasons i didn't let him go down on me but he kept commenting on how wet i was and although i had to fake a finish i did enjoy it very much. The next day i only seen him a few times and he didn't say much but just before we all left i cornered him down by the lake when no one else was around and told him that obviously i had made a drunk mistake and he was never to speak of it to anyone EVER!!! he agreed to comply and i opened my sweater, Pulled up my bra and let one b*** fall out saying "Last time". He was too dumb to grab it so i put it away and went back to the camper and finished packing up, Even though i told him it was a one time thing maybe aunty Jen will have to train him a bit, If he doesn't have much for size he will need to know how to use it."


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