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"a new boyfriend and he wants to know some of your past,not saying you even have to tell him,but if you did,and he gets mad or calls you terrible names and he can't trust,tell him to get lost,you would never be able to confide in him ever,because you wouldn't be able to open up to him ever,about any thing,I've learned from past girlfriends,that listening to them with out judgment of negativity is going to go a long way in your partner trusting you and your past,nobody perfect,so I hope young lady that you find a man that can love you what ever you have done,so don't feel ashamed,and guys that will call you names after they enjoy your SPECIAL company are not worth your friendship,so I don't know you but in my world you are a Very SPECIAL Lady,there is nothing you can confide in telling me that would make me feel that you are a terrible person,so good luck to you pretty girl,and stay strong ok,you know that there is a double standard for girls and guys"

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