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"Slept with my friends husband I am a widow living alone from 2 years , my friends husband visited me as my friend had sent some things for me . her husband is very charming and hot . we had drinks together and while i was preparing meal for him he came in the kitchen to help me , i was wearing reveling clothes as i had a major crush on him . i told him that i just had a cramp in my leg and if he could help me in going to the living room , and he fell for it , he picked me up and helped in coming to the room . he also asked me if it is ok that he can apply cream on my leg only if i wish , i said no in the first place but he insisted that it really works, so i agreed as he started applying cream on my legs i told him that its way to high up the thighs , as he started applying i became h**** and he was also arroused , then i told him that i ll remove my clothes as the color was white and it would get spoiled , he then remove my one piece dress and statred rubbing my thighs and slowly reached my butt , i told him that i am feeling better and his wife is really lucky to have him. then he asked if i wanted to get f***** by him as it was all clear by then and i said yes and the evening began and it was the best s** of my life with 10 inch thick d*** which lasted for an hour."

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