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"I've always had this weird thing for my mom. I am a petite, cute female, and my mother is average sized with huge fake tits and the cutest little bush. last night we both got tipsy at a party and when we got into bed she slid her hand down my pants and started to play with my clit, I was shocked but wanted her to keep going so I pretended to stay asleep until I was ready to cum, and then I couldn't take it, i had waited to suck those tits for years so I almost ripped her shirt pulling them out. they were so nice and round I almost sucked her nipples off biting and pinching the other one. just as I was about to cum we heard someone coming to the back part of the house so we had to stop... but, she had been acting really weird around me the next few days, so I talked to her boyfriend about it because i wanted to go further. he decided to take us all out to eat and started fingering her under the table. when we all got out to the car, I watched them fuck while i sucked her tits and clit. she let him cum on my tits and then licked it off and ate my pussy for like an hour after. I can't wait for more!!!"

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