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"WIFE STRIPS 2 I wasn't sure I wanted to submit this confession. I posted a long time ago that my wife"Sara" started stripping, she did it at first because we needed the money. After our money situation worked out, she had quit. She become restless after awhile, and I knew she wanted to start stripping again, so I relented. Things went really well for about 4 months, until she met another stripper named Amber. Sara would come home and tell me about some of the girls she worked with, she became close friends with Amber. She thought it was funny that Amber played with Sara's b**** on stage. Plus, Amber worked as a escort also, and used the club to get "dates". My wife also said her and Amber would drink a lot at the club. Sara was doing things I wasn't happy about it, but I guess I could live with it. I decided to again check out the club, and see what my wife was up to. I hadn't been in for months. I went in on a busy night, right away I see Sara and Amber on stage, dancing around each other. Amber squeezing my wife t***, and then I see Amber move her hand to my wife's p****. Did I just see that? My wife comes off the stage nude, and goes up to a guy, and gives him a big kiss, they go to sit down, and start drinking. My wife is on his lap naked, which I thought was against the rules. The club was so dark I couldn't really see what was going on, but I thought I saw the guy grab my wife's t***. She would keep pulling his hands off. She leans over and whispers something into his ear. They get up and go back to the VIP area. They came back after what seemed like forever. my wife went to dressing room. Frustrated, I went home. lets say a little angry. Waiting up for her to get home, She could tell I was upset. I told her I was in the club tonight. I told her what I saw. She didn't seemed to fazed about it. She said she told Amber not to grab her on Stage, but sometimes Amber gets drunk, and is hard to reason with. The guy was a regular, and she said he always gets lap dances, and so letting him touch her was no different than what happens in the VIP room. She can be very convincing. I guess I knew what went on, I asked her how much longer she planned to keep stripping? She said she would quit in about a month, she even was getting tired of it. I was going to be out of town for 2 weeks on some business, Sara told me she would work full shifts at the club while I was gone, and then quit. The kids were at the in-laws. I was able to conclude my business a few days early, so I decided to stop at the club to see her. I walk in, look around, and i do not see her. I asked the bar tender if she was working tonight. She tells me her and Amber got fired 2 week ago. WTF I call her, no answer. When I called on my trip she told me how tired she was from working. I go home, and looks like she hasn't been home the entire time I was gone. I finally get a call, I tell her I am home and where was she. I didn't tell her I was at the club. She tells me she would be right home. A car pulls up and my wife gets out. She comes up to me, and she looks like some one who was on a 2 week bender. I asked her where she has been. She told me she had been at Amber's house because they had the day off from the club. A LIE. I said, "How can that be if you both got fired from the club." Her face went white. "Now do you want to tell me the truth." She started blubbering, and it came out. "Your wife is a drugged up w****." My heart sunk, "Tell me everything." She began by telling me how her and Amber got fired. Amber got caught going out of the club to meet her "dates" Sara then said if you fire her you fire me. Bang both get fired. Sara and Amber went back to Ambers and start drinking, Amber offered her some coke, and they both did some lines. Too drunk to go home she spent the night. The next morning the coke and drinking started early, Amber said they could make more money with one of her regulars, then they would make all night at the club, you wouldn't even have to have s** with him. He liked to watch 2 girls together. My wife said she might be curious, but didn't know if she could have s** with Amber. Amber told her they could fake it. Drunk and coked up she said yes. They get to the guys house, and do a strip tease and get naked. Amber begins kissing Sara, and so wasted goes along with it. Amber is all over Sara, they get into the 69 position, and Amber isn't faking it, Amber is licking her p****. She begins to feel like Amber is putting a d**** in her p****, and realizes the guy who was suppose to be watching, is f****** her. Not knowing what to do, Sara lets the guy finish. My wife is sobbing now while telling me the story. The guy hands my wife a stack of bills, more than she would make in night at the club. Amber tells her to keep the money, she can by the next round of coke. Sara tells me Amber never seemed to be high, or drunk. Amber kept my wife wasted all the time. Amber kept reassuring Sara how easy the money was, and asked if she wanted to f*** some other guys, since she had already done it. My wife said she couldn't think straight, Amber offered Sara some X the next night. Amber told her if she didn't want to f*** these other regulars of hers, Amber would double team them. They get to the "date" and Sara felt hot, she took off her clothes, and the one of the guys starts rubbing on her. Before she knew it, the guy had his c*** out , and Sara said she started to blow him. Laying on the bed the other guy f**** her while she blows the other guy. What Sara could remember Amber was sitting in the corner watching. Again, Amber lets her keep all the money. I am beyond stunned hearing this nightmare, my wife's eyes were bloodshot, and snot was coming out her nose, plus a some blood. Sara says she felt sick to her stomach, but was in and out of being lucid. A whole day went by and she didn't know what was happening. Over the next few nights, instead of f****** guys, they did regular stripper gigs. But, Sara kept doing drugs, and booze the entire time. The last night Amber wanted to get some more drugs. Going into the place were some rough looking dudes. Amber had given her something that completely left Sara out of it. Amber tell her if we f*** them, we can have the drugs for free. Sara said she not in her right mind, said OK. Well, again Amber sat in the corner while one of the guys starts f****** Sara, but he wasn't the only one, guys were sticking their d**** in her mouth, and when one guy finished another guy took his place. I asked "How many guys f***** you", Sara, out of it, couldn't remember. All she knows was Amber was handed a big pile of cash. While telling me the story, Sara got up and ran to the bathroom and puked. She looked horrible, and I thought also I might throw up. Sara tells me she thinks Amber set her up to be gang banged by the drug dealers. She didn't see a dime from the encounter. After telling me this story, she began to beg me not to leave her. She pulled out her purse and dumped a ridiculous amount of money on the table, saying it is all meaningless, and that the kids and me were the only thing that mattered. I went to a hotel for a few days to clear my head. I came home and she ran to me and gave me a big kiss. I sat her down and told her actually what would happen. We would be on a trial basis for awhile, and she had to go into rehab. Plus, she would have to get tested for STD's If anything came back, or she started using drugs, or booze again. it was over. That was almost a year ago, we are in therapy, and things are ok. I am not sure I will every be over what happened. Our relationship is still touch and go."


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