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"My neighbour, Paul, popped in last week. He's in his late 40s and lives with his mother and being honest it wouldn't surprise me if he was still a virgin. We were sitting in our living room and the wife, Lynn, she's in her mid 50s but still has a damn good body, had nodded off on the sofa about an hour earlier. We were chatting quietly not wanting to disturb Lynn and I noticed Paul kept peeking a look at Lynn. I then realised why, Lynn was wearing one of her Summer dresses and with the position she was in she was showing plenty of thigh and it was s hot that day she didn't have any underwear on, nothing unusual for her on a hot day. It kind of turned me on that he was looking, seemed strange but good. I got up to make a drink for me and Paul and 'accidentally' brushed against Lynn which meant that the hem of her dress was further up her thigh and actually just showing the cheek of her ass. I went to the kitchen, made the drinks and came back in. Lynn had moved a little in her sleep and Paul was now staring at her rather than just sneaking a look. I gave him a knowing smile. Lynn's dress which had a button front and the first few lower buttons were undone and skirt was open and showing her inner thighs but you could see her pussy as her legs were together. I just said something like 'Are you enjoying ?' and he just nodded a yes, rather nervously might I say. I could see his trousers were bulging a little and I said 'Is she making you hard ?', he nodded nervously again. I thought to myself do I want him to look at my wife it didn't take much thought, hell yes. I nudged Lynn's leg very gently so as not to waken her and her legs opened a little to expose her pussy. The lips were not were only slightly open but you could see some pink flesh and just a touch of her clit. Paul was breathing heavy and I just motioned to him a masturbation sign. He went a little red and I just said very quietly 'Go on'. Her undid his trousers, pulled down the zip and pulled out his penis. Oh yes he was very hard but was only about 5 inches He started masturbating and even amazing myself my heart was pounding. Let's say it must have been 30 second and he was having an orgasm. Quite messy but he just put his penis back into his trousers unwiped. He only stayed for a few more minutes, maybe he was embarrassed, and left. I was so turned on with this I started to play with Lynn until she was awake and very aroused and being honest we had an amazing sex session. I haven't seen the neighbour since but I'm sure he will soon and not told Lynn what happened. I feel a bit shocked that I let it happen but don't feel guilty as it was an amazing turn on "


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