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"I think I'm a better person than my husband I think I'm just an all-around better person than the man I married. I'm smarter, more thoughtful, more considerate, better organized, better at chores and being attentive to things, kinder, more likely to give people the benefit of the doubt, more efficient at getting stuff done, less prone to losing my temper, I have a better work ethic, I complain less, I'm more successful at my job (in terms of money, motivation, skill, and recognition), more family-oriented (meeting the needs of both his family and mine), less lazy, less self-centered, and usually more charitable (financially and with my time). I'm horribly embarrassed that I feel this way. Often when I hear him complain about something, I'll just think "why can't you be better?" I hate what this thought pattern says about me (wow, what a great person I am, what a high opinion of myself I have, and also what kind of "good" person competes with their spouse like this?). I also worry that this is something I'm going to resent him for. It's not that he's a bad person ... just that I think I'm better in all of the ways described above."


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