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"No love I don't love my wife. I am ambivalent to her and her well being. She gets sick I feign empathy. If she gets happy I feign excitement. The only reason I married her is because people would hound me in life to do so. Now I just see her as a second income. A convenience really. I haven't had s** with her in a long time. The only way I get hard is knowing I wasted her life. That I've ruined a perfectly good woman by faking love. I mistreat her every chance I get and that makes me happy. I've taken secret pictures of her naked and shared it with tons of men. H*** shes currently pregnant and have been secretly taking explicit shots of her in the gyno getting her exams and showing those to some of her male coworkers. I'm proud I've been able to hold this facade for so long. My plan is to log everything and give it to my wife and her family on my death bed. Making her realize her life had no meaning. I am heartless and might possibly be pure evil and that fills me with contentment."


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