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"When i was 15 (male) i wanted to know how it would be with a guy and i found out by a friend that his mate, wants to f*** someone but he is straight. That day i came mates with him and went back to his, i wanted to find a way to get his d*** out, so i did truth or dare and he won and i said ok dare, and he said give me a b******, he laughed but i said ok why not, he was like for real? and i said yea why not so i did it and it was big for his age which was 15 too, after that we went to a near bush walk and he f***** me in the bush, it the best feeling ever and im 19 now and still remember it to this day. We had s** for two years and than he just went off on his own way....i wonder where he is today thought, wouldnt mind to get with him again"


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