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"I minded my own business so much that I stopped talking to people or going out and asking others into sharing time with me, you never know if you ask a question if its the wrong one. right! so you go mind your own business by talking and looking at no one! but very isolating and lonely and never wanted to so alone. thanks for the feeling of confusing. how about you mind your own business more too! don't you ever try to kill me ever again I have been dobbing on everyone literally everyone who has ever done a minor wrong thing to me even parents and nephew and neice and anyone I can get my hands on. look at the hate you have created in me for all of you and all the contempt I have for you all. and the power I ought to have one day over you all who abused me. I hate so many people. niggas, police, doctors, gym wankers, entertainment skanks, how about you go mind your dirty dirty dirty business mary p and her shit kids and shit dutch scum! go myob your faces off! perminantly !!!!!!!! never come near me without looking for a fight you will get. you stop abusing me katy robo dog and dirty scum doctors !!! i am behind you copying you and catching up behind you watching you from behind seeing all your mistakes and secrets."

Murder, Abuse, Hate, Violence,

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