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"DONT GET MARRIED (MEN) Thinking about getting married? Well hear me out 1st. Not all marriages are bad, just most. Mines is part of the most catagory. I'm going to keep this simple. Met a bitch. Dated for a year. She butt fucked me Into submission to marry her. Got married. Life becomes hell. She always has to have her way. She gets away with shit I couldnt dream of getting away with (like secretly talking to/meeting with her ex behind my back and I only found out by accident). She gets to have male friends but I'm not allowed female friends. She takes control of all the finances, so much so I'm fucking asking her for money out of my own paycheck. Sex life sucks. She must get head every time we do it but lord forbid I ever ask for head. Marriage is depressing. Don't do it."

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