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"Losing control ........... My wife and I have been married for almost two years. For twelve years before that, she was a party girl. A pro. She flew around the world, going to parties thrown by the super rich and extremely famous, and living off one or more wealthy men who paid all her living and traveling expenses. I met her in San Diego while I was on vacation there, and she was on a rolling five-day party, and we hit it off. She complained about her lifestyle, said she wanted out, etc., etc., etc. She flew home with me, just to get away from the life for a few days. After two weeks, she said she wanted to move in, so we moved her in. Three months later, I asked her to marry me. She said yes, and was thrilled to be doing something normal and conventional. Now, during this summer, she got invited to go to a party in Reykjavik, and then another in Amsterdam, by a very close girlfriend she used to work these parties with. Over my objection, she went, saying it would be "just this once", and that she wouldn't f*** while she was gone, just play. She was gone three weeks. When she came home, she had obviously been f******, because her p**** was stretched out like crazy, and even her sphincter was loose. A week later, she "asked" if she could go to Tokyo. I said no, for the obvious reason, but she said she was going anyway. Now her phone calendar has notes for ten trips -- all without me -- between now and the holidays, when we were supposed to go visit my parents. She's clearly either back in the party life, or returning to it, and she's certainly f****** lots of men (or at least one with a giant c***). I thought she wanted to be here, to be with me, and that made me so happy. Now, I'm losing it, and I feel so worthless."

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