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"Upper Class Isn't it interesting how money can completely change a person's perspective on life? I was brought up in an upper-middle class home from 1999-2008, but lived a poverty-stricken lifestyle from 2008-2013. I've lived both extremes: from house parties every weekend to going to a food bank to get basic necessities. I've continued to live in my upper-middle class city since I was born, but after some years, I've realized the emptiness that resides within the lives of so many people there. I'm going to talk about the high school I went to in Southern California. If you were to spend a day looking around campus, you would find it like any other high school in the United States. Most of the students, however, have grown up in mansions estimated to around $400k to $7 million. In the particular high school I come from, most reside on the higher end. When you listen to their conversations, however, you'll have to take a step back. You have students complaining about other students who don't have the latest IPhone edition. Hell, I even saw a kid break his IPhone 7 because he wanted an IPhone 7+. You have students complaining about how their parents are only going to pay a "portion" of their college funds. Many don't value the concept of a family and see their parents as useless assholes. They complain about not getting the car type or model they wanted. They look down upon others who don't share the same economic status as them or struggle in any way financially. Money is a non-existent problem to most, and it's despicable to see them so blissfully ignorant of the distress it brings so many other people in this world. Most are ungrateful assholes who don't understand the concept of a job. Most act like getting a job at Target or Starbucks is a hefty job, and I'm sure it is at times, but realistically, most people work a 9 to 5 job, multiple jobs, or a career job that they have to put true work into. Working at Target and Starbucks may be difficult at times, but it doesn't require true work. I'm not one to generalize, but holy shit, these kids deserve to be generalized. I'm sure most will grow up to be successful, but undoubtedly detached human beings. They are people just like us, but most of their values and morals are in another world. These kids come from the same parents whose mothers' bitch about Starbucks not having their coffee on time or attending their fathers' golf tournament every Sunday morning. Maybe I'm too harsh on these kids, but honestly, most of the ones I've talked to are hypnotized by the power of money. They've engulfed themselves into the meaninglessness of popular culture and actively participate in the selfishness and borderline narcissism of social media. I'm not saying popular culture and social media are entirely those characteristics, I'm just saying that these kids reside indefinitely on the ugly side of the two."


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