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"I need to rant about my "friend" First of all this is going to be long. Second of all, we're technically still friends, but I say "friends" because I'm starting to get annoyed by her and………you'll see. Here's how we became friends: Two years ago, we were in the same class, but never talked. Then one day, these two guys were talking so much that the teacher had one of them switch seats with me. After that seat switch, I sat next to her for the rest of the year. So, we started chatting; little by little, day by day. Eventually, we were talking so much that the teacher would have to keep warning us to stop. We traded phone numbers and crushes and other secrets. End of the year, we were pretty close. When things started to change: One day, this annoying guy came up behind me, tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Excuse me. My friend over there likes you." and he pointed to his friend. I told my friend about this and we were laughing, but then she said, "They were probably joking. You know, considering who they are." I didn't think much of it until later that year (you'll see) Anyways, everything was fine for a good year. Little fact about me, I develop crushes for guys very easily and completely out of nowhere. So, I developed a crush that she liked the previous year. The past year, her crush started dating this girl, but when I started liking him, he was single. I told her about it, cause we're friends. She just sits there and then says, "I'm pretty sure he likes (girl name)." I sit there and I'm like…….okayyyyy. Like why would she say that? Yeah, after that she kept bringing it up if I brought him up. Then, she gets all excited and says "Hey, hey guess what?! (Crush name) asked out (girl name) today in class. Yeah! He……" and she continued on saying how he did it. I mean, that's not exactly what a friend should do right? It's like saying "Your crush likes another girl!" instead of, "I'm sorry. You're better than her. I don't know why he'd choose her," Anyways, I got over that. Then remember when I said that that guy told me his friend liked me? Something like that happened to her. And what does she say? "Oh yeah. So-and-so said that his friend liked me. I was just like 'Okay'. It was so weird." They were the same 'type' of guys. So those guys can't like me but they can like you? Mhmm okay. This year: She has gotten on my nerves a lot this year. She would complain about walking back to homeroom alone whenever I'd leave because the bell rings. Like get over it. Then she'll also talk about how she wished that we had more classes together. Yet, she texts her other friend during the ENTIRE time we're together. It irritates me soooo much! Why are you talking to someone else when we could be talking? One day, I bought a romper for her and she seemed to like it. I was happy that she was. SHE NEVER WORE IT AND INSTEAD BUYS ANOTHER ONE, AND WEARS THE NEW ONE. The least she could've done was say that she didn't like it and give it back. Then she buys four new shirts and asks which one I like. I was going to be mean and lie and choose the ugliest one, but I thought about it and didn't want the bad karma. So I was honest and what happens? She ignores my advice and wears the ugly ones. She also doesn't take losing well and likes to brag about winning games. Sometimes if I'm in the lead of a game, she won't finish the game and "forget that we were playing" and when she wins she likes to rub it in. Most recently: A few days ago she sends a text saying, "I have something to do this morning so if you wanna go hang with (other friend's name) that's fine." WTF?! "That's fine" If we were hanging out, I couldn't have my other friend (who she's also friends with) tag along with us? Oh and what was she doing that was sooooo important that morning? HANGING OUT WITH ANOTHER FRIEND. She could've at least said that she had to help her friend or something."


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