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"I have kids by 2 men. I am in love with I have kids by 2 men. I am in love with both of them. One works 72 hrs a week and doesn't have the time to be with me much, the other one makes time to be with me and keep me company. I am married to the worker and I keep him happy. I spend every minute of free time with him that he can spend with me but I am alone most of the time and that is when I spend time with the other father. I keep him happy too, he is so happy that I still love him. He knows my husband and my husband knows him but my husband doesn't understand how much I miss companionship. When I got married I didn't just want someone who would provide money I wanted the whole package, companionship, financial security, great love life and the ability to be open and honest about everything. I have been spending time with both of them for the past year and I have cheated on my husband once (so far). I feel very complete when I have both of them in my life but I don't want my husband to ever find out that I spend time with someone else. It would really hurt him what should I do???"

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