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"hopefully someone relates ive never done this before, but lets see how it goes lets just say my high school is so stupid. like everyone in it feels like they're a god because they get good grades and got into a school that is "selective" and just think they're the best and everyone else sucks. for me, i really can't function in that environment because it sort of drains you after hearing people say "oh rutgers is for people who are trash" or "stevens institution of technology? is that even a college" like please get over yourself and get a life. also, the people try so amazingly hard to be cool and get the other people to like them and it really annoys me when people are so fake. like everyone's a nerd like why do you want to be seen as cool by them please explain. EVERYONE and i mean everyone is so cutthroat in my school like this year, this girl tried to cancel her friend's application to Harvard because she thought that she was competition. like wth. who actually does that. i only have a year left and i feel like exploding. i have friends, but everyone is so focused on school and getting the 4.0 that they forget that we're <18 years old and should have a life."


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