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"some parts of life that are mine there is so much to write, my dreads and woes, my emotions currently, and much more! that is actually really sad that i have so many fucking things to write to the web. but hey, its what the site was made for. uh, OK…well, life is a bitch, i'll tell you that right now, it is. and i know this even though i am younger than sixteen. for Christ sake, i mean i caught on pretty quickly, but after losing the ability to see my mom at fucking eight years old i realized that life wasn't interested in helping me out. i hadn't decided onto thinking life was sort of bad till my baby brother was taken away from my family to live with his dads parents (his dad is in jail for heroin or something) . i can't see him till i am fucking eighteen, it has been, what, seven years since i have seen him? idk. and it has been nearly six years since my mom was being dragged to the cop car with blood slopping onto the concrete driveway. thanks cps for making my life worse. i really appreciate it. my mom had a few boyfriends in the past that were extremely abusive to her and i, i was going to my dads house in bruises and my dad didn't give a flying fuck. in fact, his gf, (ex now) threatened him and i so many times to take me out of his life and i honestly was in this horrifying environment where i was either hit or threatened, before i was in first grade my father finally broke up with her and she took all his cash. my dad refused to get back with my mom and made life worse by finding a slut at work and dating her, she had two kids. lets call them … David and Ava. Ava was two an David was five when we first met them. they were huge jerks and wanted me dead. my dads gf pretty much hates me and fights with me a lot and i am just tired. i often stay my grandma because she is very supportive of me and hates my dads gf. nut life still bites me in the ass and my dad hates me now too and i am really not happy of my options. and if i didn't know that there was a possibility of me being happy, than i would have been gone at twelve years old. but i hope things go right for me sometime,"


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