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"Memories All of my memories I love Past. Present. Future. I would never trade. Change. Exchange or want to be anyone else's mocassains. I am the Co Creator with Divine Creator of my true divine Destiny. Stories and Memories are Twisted and Turned but it is up to the individual to stand your ground and speak only the Truth that is in your heart. It maybe a lonely path to your Trueself but you will finally be Free of distortions. I wish humanity would get to a point where they were responsible for themselves and stop expecting Marty's, saints, divine and holy angels and other divine celestial beings to bail them out and take on their negative Karma. It is an honor and privilege to be on Earth and no one should have to babysit humanity. Especially them who try , assist, or have ascended and worked very hard to become the individual the true divine Creator insisted that they become on Earth in their present incarnation. Other planets are looking good now… However, I am happy to serve assist humanity within the divine talents. skills, and abilities the Divine Creator endowed me with ( Amun RA)"

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