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" It's not rocket science. Speaking from Twenty years experience, married to the same wonderful man, here's a few tips on how to keep not only things hot & " hard" in the bedroom, but keeping his attention 24 hours a day! First, remember,he's a man. Everything is visual & fantasy with him. #1. About once a month,on a Friday or Saturday night, get dolled up. Make up, hair, short skirt , skimpy top, heels, anything that you know turns him on. Light some incense, put on some sexy music, open the bedroom windows and tell him to go outside. Then slowly give him the show he has waited for intensely! You will not believe how much you will both enjoy this. The anticipation for him is mind bending! Also let him take pics if he wants. (They can't get enough of that! ) #2. When you go to the home improvement store with him , or anywhere for that matter, Wear something that grabs guys attention. Tight jeans, or shorts, short skirt, (no panties ), and some revealing little top. Then sorta flippantly flirt with random guys. Not over the top, but eye contact, a seductive smile, maybe even bend over and show them the goods. You'll be surprised how sexy and rejuvenated this will make you feel, and he will go absolutely bonkers horny! If you don't believe me , wait until you get home! Finally, talk sex with him often. Share fantasies with him. I guarantee you that if you so much as mention the word "threesome" , (although it may never happen) you will see an instant bulge in his jeans! These are just a few things that really work for me and will spice up the "hohum "marriage. I know, I've been there. Not much fun. Thanks to these little secrets , and many more, I have my husband back. It's like we are teenagers again! And by the way, it's an instant cure for the, (pardon my expression), "limp dick syndrome". Try it! You will love it!"

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