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"Mid-40s, And she's 20 I've made no secret of admitting working on, and, having s** with, some of the young girls who work at the sports bar I frequent. Most are, to be honest..Once and done, however, there have been a few repeat sexual experiences. A new girl started a few weeks ago. Very pretty blonde, deep blue eyes, fit body, hair down her back. Sweet smile, too. She gets tons of looks and attention from guys her own age and older. Myself included. So, striking up conversations with and getting to know her, I reeled her in. Like many young women that age anymore, she had no problem with the age difference; In fact, told me she finds it hot that she could generate interest from men twice her age. She is 20, but does look at least mid-20s. Just has that something about her. I've been with her twice already, she's amazing in bed, and we physically do well together (that's not's the truth..very sexually compatible). Problem is this: I'm starting to want her more and more, not just sexually. Will watch her at work if I'm there, see some guy talk to her, and think..Get away from her, she's mine.. I know it's wrong, and, speaking to people is part of her job, and...She's 20. But, sometimes I can't help it. I'm guessing or hoping this will pass, and, we'll be able to just have s** once in a while, but right now..I'm almost obsessed with her. Age difference be damned."

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