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"I hate being a parent I'm a single mother and I hate it I miss my freedom I miss not having no worries . It has all been too men from me I hate the fact that I have to do it all by myself I hate that he has no worries and living life care free while I'm here taking care of our daughter I didn't make myself ... I hate that my mom loves to but in everything and how I raise my daughter she might as well be the mother because she makes me feel like I'm not good enough or careless as if I'm not there trying to do this on my own . I feel so alone and I hate it I always wonder why God put me in this situation and if it's even gona get better .. I'm only 22 but I'm tired .. Tired of over working and still not making enough tired of having to come home to a crying baby tired of my mom always making me feel like I'm a bad parent I'm just so tired .."

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