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"idk anymore ive been having this feeling for a while now and turns out, its emotional cheating. i have a bf and almost a year into my relationship, i met this other guy and we instantly became besties, we are super close now, closer than we probably should be, and i know that he likes me, i admitted i like him too but i havent started a relationship with him because i dont want to be officially cheating with my bf, even though i technically am. i know this is wrong and i hate that im doing this but i like them both, i love my bf, idk if i love my bestie, and i hate doing this but i cant help it. i get different things from the 2 of them and sometimes my bestie acts more like my bf than my actual bf. i dont want to lose my bf if he finds out how close i really am with my bestie and i dont want to lose my bestie if he gets tired of me having my bf in the way between us"

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