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"Democrats drawn into CommunismAnd they are gradually sucking the entire Country into following their philosophy. If you don't agree with their mantra, you are labeled a fascist, racist or other undesirable, inflammatory label. Not since the Civil War where the Republicans abolished slavery and the Southern Democrats banded to attack Washington, has there been such a broad attack on our laws and Constitution. What good are our borders, if we don't protect them? What good are our Police, if we don't support them? What good are our Politicians, if we don't question them? What good are our laws, if we don't follow them? And most importantly; what good is our Constitution, if we don't follow it? Add to that: What good are the Republicans, if they don't stand up and fight for the very principles upon which our Country was founded? GROW SOME BALLS AND DO WHAT WE ELECTED YOU TO DO: STOP THE DEMOCRATS AND THEIR SOCIALIST AGENDA!"


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