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"Am i stupid? I made a facebook.. added my friends and stuff.. and added this really cute dude... didn't know him but he liked me to.. we started going out .. i was super happy.. until my noisy cousin came in... started talking to him . i don't even get why she would she said she hated him .she said he was ugly. she said multiple things an she said " ewwwww Mia i know your not dating him ! " when i told her he asked me out.. then she started telling him lies about me. she not even my real cousin.. but it seems like he believed the things she said.. he started talking to me differently....i mean i really liked him..but seems he doesn't even like me anymore.. its more hi whats up k bye.. then what we used to talk like an flirt): miss him.. wish i never told her.. he changed his facebook status back to single.. guess really does mean were over.. he didn't even have the guts to f****** tell me .. thing is i don't care.. i till like him i still want to date him .. do fun things with him.. i wish he came on this site.. just to read this and know how i feel. i love him stupid to get attached to a person on the internet right? stupid to cry myself to sleep over him right? stupid to know hes always on my f****** mind no matter what i'm doing? stupid to even have added him right? stupid to even reply when he first started a chat with me saying " u fine ." right? stupid to cry over something as silly as him changing his facebook status right? never done it before but. just something about him i guess): and yes i wrote " Tired.. just in case u thought this was familar):"


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