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"Do people remember? My reunion is coming up and i want to go kind of but am worried people will still remember embarrassing things about me so not sure to go. When i was a senior around 18 i had an incedent when i stayed out with the car and brought people home with me when i shouldnt have and my Dad disciplined and scolded me in front of them and then talked to them about me when he left me home and drove them home himself. A month later i got caught shoplifting and i was grounded for 2 months. My parents would pay a neighbor guy in my class be our babysitter sometimes (he was much more mature, good student and athlete, and not someone who would hang out with a geek/virgin like me), this happened even when i was in highschool if i was grounded. He babysat a few times including two overnights when my parents were gone. He was mostly ok but my Dad left him in charge of all my activity, and he knew all my rules and could enforce them which only came up a few times but was extremely embarrassing to have someone in my own class with rights of a adult/parent over me. Alot of people found out my sister and he would talk about it, people made comments sometimes to me. My familys attitude was i deserved the humiliation and it wouldnt have happend if i didnt get in trouble and i was lucky to only get that. I've never gotten in trouble again but also have been very shy and not successful.I haven't heard anyone outside my family talk about it since around the year when it happened but dont really talk to anyone from back then much. When i see people around town or on sociall media i am afraid that they will still remember. it was 15 years ago."


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