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"Feminism and Rugby League I am Australian and I played Rugby League as a young boy and a young man. Now for those of you who don't know what Rugby league is it is a contact sport and it is like Australian Gridiron except we often don't use any padding or helmets like Rugby Union in many ways. Rugby League is not only a violent sport where the larger players cause as much pain as possible to the smaller weaker players but it also involves hurling insults and is basically about warfare and trying to hurt the other teams weakest links. It does involve skill to some extent but it is also a brutal sport that is quite fun actually. However, I don't understand the feminist argument for putting little girls in mixed teams to be bashed by young boys and verbally abused every time they let their teams down. What kind of sick fuck decided to put little girls in the team to teach little boys it is okay to bash up little girls? What the actual fuck? These girls must have bad parents if you ask me because this isn't just a friendly wrestle in the grass with some young kids in the backyard... these are competitive matches where the young boys are not going to restrain themselves the same way hey would in a private backyard game of fun. This is a clip of what girls can expect to happen to them playing against aggressive young boys who are just trying to have fun. I don't think this is much fun for the girls."


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