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"my boyfriends friends girlfriend is annoying my boyfriends best friends girlfriend now fiance is always planning trips and seems to forget to invite me or either mention it to me when I see her in public.( I understand his friends are not obligated to invite me) We have been dating for over two years now and he has always extended me the invitation to travel with them. Which I have when I can. They usually go in groups and the only time it was just the three of them is when they went to a music festival. However this past year she has had numerous opportunities to mention trips to me that she has been texting him about (yes I went through his phone) don't judge. I do notice the messages between them that she never mentions me or even asks him if he's bringing me. She always states that it will just be her, my boyfriend and her boyfriend (his friend). My boyfriend will just randomly mention to her that "I am looking to join in" (when I confirm that I will be able to join) I guess I feel a vibe between them and this has caused me to do this and feel this way. Any suggestions?"


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