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"since a few years ago i started working for an erotic stories website and since then, i can't help but read incest stories.... i mean, it fascinates me. funny thing is that i don't think that way about any of my sisters or god forbid, my mother. but i guess it's just the taboo aspect of it i : / long story short, i realized that a lot of people have sex with their siblings and some even with their parents. specially in the case of single mothers. i've thought about it before and just like a cheerleader tends to date the quarter back or the captain of the basketball team ( i know, cliches. but you know wht i mean....), a 36-38 single mother with decent looks, fit body + only child(male),fit,good looking(although mothers are biased)+ the two of them living alone in a house or apartment, it's bound to happen or at least one of the two will think about at some only takes a drunken son, a drunken mom or both and the son to have enough balls to go for it. believe me, i'm not an only child and i can easily remember just off the top of my head more that 20 times my mom let me get away from some serious shit. as for sisters ... -_- like all matters between brothers and sisters, you just need to enough blackmailing material. i know that sounds creppy, lol, but it's the true. if you got enough shit on you sister/brother you can get them to do anything. and as for cousins.... come on it is known that a lot of people have sex with their cousins. it's just a fact"


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