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"No more games. You were the worst bestfriend. I've known you for seven years. What we had means nothing to me anymore. I dont care about you. I honestly want to just earse you. Forget you forever. I never want to be near you. I recently got out of the hospital after a week and a half in a neck brace. I almost died and you weren't there. Now I'm glad you never will be. Your games grew old. You immaturity is sicking. You brag, lie, and pretend to be so worthy an of such a high age. Grow up, please get a life. You told me to? So funny. Your the one who dresses like me from ear rings, tights, brands, shoes, moccasins, uggs, from shirts and styles you loved to copy me. You don't want me to get a life, you want my life. You stole my hair style tried to start smoking, I'm so glad that I'm going to be graduating in the spring. I looked at apartments this summer and three of my good friends have agreed to come with me. All friends who are going somewhere in life. I'm going to enjoy my dads studying on the beach, living my dream life. Idk why you keep thinking that you can play games with me, It's done. You can't ever come back into my life. I won't take you."

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