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"I'm in a relationship and have been for 16 years i love him very much recently I cheated on him I had to take a day off work as the tumble drier had broken again. The guy arrived about an hour earlier than I thought and I was still in my dressing gown. I let him in and showed him through to the kitchen. He was young and looked quite fit. He was fiddling with the machine and eventually got it working. He told me what it was and said he wouldn't charge me if I flashed him....i blushed I could feel myself get very hot and quite aroused at the same time too. I asked him what he meant and he said if I untied my dressing gown he wouldn't charge me. I said we are on a repair plan so he couldn't. Then he went red and started to apologise. That's when I decided to flash him. He stood looking at me as I held my dressing gown open then he stepped forward and touched my breasts My nipples almost exploded he was looking at me as he fondled my tits then he kissed me I felt his hand touch my stomach and I opened my legs he pressed his fingers into me it felt so wrong but so good. I couldn't stop myself now so I reached foe his trousers and undid them and grabbed his cock. He turned me round and started to enter me from behind he was really big much bigger than my husband. I didn't think I could take it all but he was gentle but firm and wow he made me cum several times I lost count. He stopped and I turned round he said he wanted me on my hands and knees. I let him take me like that I let him come inside me and I came at the same time I've never told my husband"

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