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"): My boyfriend and i were together for a year. All this while, i didn’t know what he did behind my back until recently. He visited a prostitute, twice he’s age and had s**. I still can’t believe he lost he’s virginity to a prostitute. At that time we were still together. We broke up once, because i caught him hugging and kissing he’s ex- girlfriend. I loved him too much therefore, i decided to forgive him. He was a timer, dating multiple girls behind my back. i knew, but i just tried to ignore it. He treated me like trash. I appreciate him because he was my first boyfriend. My love was so pure. I gave him my all, yet he still doesn’t appreciate me, like how i did to him. And on 31 Dec, our anniversary, 2hrs before 2009, i broke up with him, because i couldn’t stand it any longer. I’m still heartbroken. I really need a hug. I need advice on how to get over it."


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