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"Pressure everywhere Have you ever wanted to escape from everything? Like, start a new life anywhere but where you are at this very moment? Well, I do. Things are just so messed up. The people you thought who will always back you up are the ones pushing you to give up. People who are supposed to love you are the ones causing you so much pain. Life sucks! I know! But people suck more!! Why can't we just experience life at our own pace. May it be slow, may it be fast.. It won't matter as long as it's our own decision. I know it took me what.. A few extended years in college until i'd finally graduate but hey! I'm a person with many wants and I have the right to get confuse as to what my profession would be in the future. It scares me, a lot. Not to be satisfied with what I chose and regret not widening my options. I'm trying my best but everyone just seems to not understand and appreciate it. It's as if it's a crime not to graduate at the right time. And it sucks! I know I failed. I made mistakes! I'm a person! I'm not perfect! I want to apologize for that but I don't need to. I refuse to do so coz it's my life. I won't be who I am today if I didn't take risks. I just wish people would let me be and be supportive coz I may be lost now but I know I'll find my way back and when that time comes, I'll prove not to everyone but to MYSELF that I can and I will fulfill my dreams."


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