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"Just needed a place to go The thing is I have an almost perfect life. I am in love with my best friend, I am in school doing something I am so passionate about, I have a big family and lots of friends with so much love to go around. Yet I find myself crying to sleep every night. I had some messed up shit happen to me growing up, lets just say it involved a man I trusted and something a child should never go through, but I cant even remember the details, just the dreams I have of the event. I find that at any little thing I lash out or I get random bursts of emotions I cant control. I have recently started to think that maybe the two events might correlate and that since when I was younger and had no control, that I will always feel out of control? I don't really need any advice or responses, just needed a place to vent. I don't like placing my burdens on those I love because everyone has their own problems you know?"


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