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"Existential Questions I have a question, (well, probably a lot of them) but like… I don't really expect answers, tho they're definitely welcome. What are you afraid of? I don't mean like "Heights" or "Snakes" (tho those are legit fears, I'm not judging) but I mean like… What stops you from doing things? What scares you into inaction? ARE there things that stop you? (Here be the rant) I was talking to a roommate about something and she essentially told me that I have three choices: Do something, decide it's not right; do something, decide it is right; or do nothing. And she told me that doing nothing was easily my worst choice, but doing nothing (in this matter) has gotten me pretty far. It's not like I never do anything. This is just… a different realm for me. And I kinda opted for inaction, but I don't know why. Is it that it's not right? Is it that I'm scared? Or is it that I just don't care enough? Here's the situation specifically: there's a guy I used to know and I've had a ~feeeling~ that I should reach out to him. Problem being, things between us are… messy. Not like SUPER messy, but we haven't spoken in years and I've embarrassed myself in front of him more times than I can count. So… why am I not reaching out to him? It's not like I haven't done it before with other friends, reaching out after long periods of time. Am I afraid that he'll make fun of me? Am I afraid of him ignoring me? Am I afraid of being hurt? Or am I being patient? Am I waiting for the right opportunity? Do I even care? Does it matter? I am afraid of being rejected, that much is true. I don't know if that's what's worrying me right now. I can't really tell. IDK guys, but I go back to my question: What are you afraid of?"


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