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"Boyfriend's dumb ass sister So I've been with my boyfriend for almost 5 years now, we've been living with his family for almost 3. I'm about 1,000 miles away from my own family and friends. My boyfriend has 3 sisters and a brother. The oldest sister doesn't live here and she's actually really nice, but the younger two do live here and they're total bitches. And not bitchy in a cute way, bitchy in a 'I want to beat the shit out of them' way. The middle sister (we'll call her monkey face) is usually okay too, she only starts running her mouth when the youngest sister (we'll call her pig face) starts her shit. The youngest sister is by far the worst person on this planet. She is nice when she needs something or when she's mad at someone else and needs someone to agree with her. Other than that all she does is start problems. At first I tried to reason with her, I'd go to her and try to talk about what was upsetting her. But if you try to talk to her then all she does is start telling and calling names or threatening to beat you up. So now I just ignore her until she gets over her little fits. But, it seems even that doesn't help anymore. I'm not the only one she's like this with. My boyfriends brother has a girlfriend that lives here too, they also have a baby together. Her and pig face used to be close until she also started shit with her. Now she pulls the same crap with her that she pulls with me. And not only does pig face run her mouth about his girlfriend but she's even sunken so low as to talk crap about their 9 month old baby. And before this girl was in the picture he had a ex that lived here and she put her through the same shit. I've went to her mother but all she does is take her daughter's side and make everyone else out to be the problem. I feel like I'm going insane putting up with all this. My boyfriend and his brother have stuck up for his brothers girl and I many times. But all that seems to do is make it worse. I feel like I'm going insane. I have like no one to vent to about this. I stay in my room 24/7 to avoid starting shit and not even that helps. She literally beats on my door talking crap and making threats. And of course once she starts so does monkey face with her comments and laughing like it's all a joke. I'm so stressed all the time. I love my boyfriend with all my heart but his family is a fucking joke. We can't just move out because we don't have enough saved. I really need someone's opinions or to vent to about all this. Please help."

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