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"i will talk all you like but I won't fight! I don't do violence. but enough watching others psycho dramas now and then for a laugh at others egos and let everything go. I lost respect for heaps of people ages ago. I walk away from most things that have been important to me due to others abuse. look at my content. and also you learn in life nothing matters. I learnt that at 25 nothing matters. and the biggest insult was when my nephew gave me a mothers day present adding insult to injury even though I'm guessing or give him benefit of the doubt that he ment well but I am done with people and I love watching others egos burn and jokering ! cuz there are a lot of jokers, scammers and people who never show up to their human side like I have. I am the girl no one ever knew and i will be that til the day I die. you don't know me. I resonate with no-one. just making my own sense. just smash in my fitness and myself. but unlike most selfish whore dog sluts who have been fucked and whored everywhere by husbands and men, I long for human company. the most powerful thing happened to me the other day when this model like blonde professional lady hugged me and later I cried cuz she was so nice and she has no man can't find a man like me. i don't want to talk about it. its personal. I am not gay. but sometimes I think i should be. but I am not. there were things we said to each other and shared some stories and I get hurt seeing great women being let down by the world, you don't cut your friends and family like that. or my friends, that is why i lost respect for all my relatives and brother and other people. so lost and manipulated fake ass games, and I am not perfect never said I was, that was why i always went to therapy and got help which was actually the worst thing i ever did. lets go through them. all the scum therapist that have taken me down. and serious, the people who are getting sex and relationships and weddings and babies and jobs are the people who just take constant action multiple lovers and its the idiots who go to therapy, the action people who just fuck and make money and walk over people full of toxic vagina and dick, because they just go one and move on. its all about heat. leaving your own heat. its honest losers who go to therapy and get help and the therapists dump on you and call you a dog and turn on you and i wish i had listened to the warnings by other therapists about joyce. cuz she has a lot of haters. i honest to her and she fucked me around like a skull of meat for her to eat out of. projecting and its what you get back. the people who have hated the people who abused me. they wonder why? I am much more careful about the company I keep now. "


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