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"leigh morris was soliciting and manipulating putting rubbish in quest entrants girls heads - like what ken did to me would have been her idea of a hot night because all she can see is her own skanky toxic cunt needs and things its everyone else;s. I met skanks like this. she had no way of know which girls were virgins who was not and the fact is here she was a woman of 50 been married bonked round like a tooter rooter whore everywhere and what she did was wrong, like I think some people , serious some people sicken me so bad. how they live with themselves and leigh you have 1 mouth and 1 cunt to shut it up more and 2 ears and 2 eyes to use them with integrity which you lack deeply and your assing off all your hot air on ship at pretty young woman of 19 -28 to do be with foolies who you think are hot cuz you can't see you have different needs then those girls and me. your skank ass like sally and joyce. freeloading skank manipulating and playing games. what you need to learn and what men need to learn is how to step aside for single men to have a go. i never wanted to be with a spastic retarted scuz like ken. you mental toxic useless dog. people know where i stand with this and the harm you had no right inflicting. "

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