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"He doesn't even realize he's why he's so behind My husband and I started accelerated college courses. He knows that there is a lot of work and he needs to be on top of it. But the tiniest little stress will make him tired. He has to call the doctor's office? So tired. He has to talk to the financial aid guy? It was SOOOOO stressful, and he needs a break. He has a chunk of work due every Sunday night. Instead of doing a little at a time, he decided to put it all off until the weekend. When the weekend came, he had to cram and did so until his friends wanted to play video games. Then, it was that he had to take a break. In the end, he ended up being up until 2 am trying to get it all done. So, did he learn from last week? Nope. He just got out of his class and has a whole week's worth of stuff ahead of him, and the first thing he does is plop in front of the tv to play games with his friends. I hope that the reality of his procrastination doesn't slap him in the face too hard. It's annoying enough that I have to sit next to him while he does his homework because he can't manage to write out responses to questions without having to make me stop what I'm doing every two fucking minutes to read it and tell him it works. I can't believe he's turned into such a goddamn helpless child."


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