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"i have cheated on my girlfriend I have chaeted on my girlfrined twice, both incidences happend close together about 6-7 months ago. Now i know all the girls/women reading this will agree this makes me sound like a complete t***. I have been going for over 6 years and i feel that we might be nearing the end. Its really hard a nd i dont know what to do although i dont think im in love with her i still love her as a friend and she had been a massive part of my life. I basically dont have the b**** to end it. we went away on holiday last week and the first 2 days were a nightmare. she said the relation ship was over because we were calling each other names or some ballshite reson along those lines, ithink this might be why i have cheated on her, she is always saying its over.. ...f*** it i cant write what i really want to say so im just gonna stop here..........."


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