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"I'm a 41 year old man who's had an erectile dysfunction for about two years. My wife Sandy has been very understanding and we've bought a number of dildo's to include on our sexual times together. On a recent trip away we didn't take them because of my wifes fear of them being discovered at the airport. So during our ten night holiday it was going to be my mouth and tongue, plus her fingers, which would bring off my 34 year attractive wife. That was until one evening when we were out eating and drinking lots of good wine, I noticed a local guy checking out my wife, who was dressed I must admit, in a very revealing low cut short black dress. What I didn't know was Sandy had gone out without any knickers on. And the local guy sat close by had a perfect view up her short dress and was deffinately becoming horny. What made it totally wierd was seeing him looking at her pussy, made me horny and had me imagining his, I guessed, long hard black cock fucking my wifes pussy and arsehole. Sandy isn't slow and had noticed the guy before I had. So when I told her what he was doing she siad "I know I've bee flashing him for over ten minutes". It not only surprised me my wife had owned upto flashing another man, it surprised me that I wanted her to do it more. In a complete of the cuff way I turned to Sandy and asked her "If I allowed you to, would you let that guy fuck you". Without missing a beat she replied looking straight into my eyes "Oh fuck yeah". Still with the nights wine flowing through my body and my "Dutch Courage" heightened, I walked over to the man and asked him if he could, would he like to enjoy my wife. In the taxi back to the hotel I explained to Sam about my/our predicament as he and Sandy began kissing. Our room wasn't a large room, so I was only four or five feet away when Sandy lay on the bed, spread her legs wide and high. I watched on as our new found black friend Sam, knelt down on the tiled floor, put his head between my wifes legs and began to lick out her pussy and arsehole as his fingers found her love hole. I know there is a conception that all black men have large cocks, but unfortunately for my wife and strangely myself, Sam doesn't fit into that stereotype. His cock was about six inches (The same as mine used to be erect). The one thing it was was though, was thick and very very erect, as I noticed when he stood up to allow Sandy to suck his cock and balls. It was then he told me to get undressed and play with my as he put it "Useless white cock". Hearing this, Sandy stopped sucking him, took out a condom Sam had bought in the hotels toilets, and unrolled it along his cock. Turning around she knelt on the bed, smiled at me, then presented Sam and my gazing eyes, her perfectly tight arsehole and pussy. It will stay with forever the first time I saw his cock enter my wifes pussy, as will after watching her cum hard on his thick black erect cock, I saw him slide it up her spit drenched arsehole. Over the next half hour I played with my flaccid cock. As they kissed, sucked and fucked one another. Only when Sam had fucked her arsehole again, making Sandy cum in a violent series of argasms, told me how useless I was, dressed and then left. Did I finally get to cum. Sandy sucking my limp dick, probably out of feeling sorry for me. Sam was the first, but he wasn't the only guy I watched Sandy fuck during our holiday. The second was over so quickly Sandy didn't cum, so I licked her oragsm. The last, her third different man, did fit every perception of what you imagin a large physically fit black man to be in the trouser department. It took place on a private boat trip I organised. One we wouldn't normally be able to afford. Talking to the person who owned it and letting him know he had my permission to get dirty with Sandy as she strolled up and down in her revealing bikini. I lay in the sunshine on the boats large seating deck a mile or so off shore. Watching my wife become his slut for over two hours. His super thick long black ten inches made Sandy a very very happy girl. As for me, I got to find out what a well fucked pussy and arsehole tastes like, after we got back to our hotel. We've spoken about the trip since we've been back home. And have agreed, twice a year we'll take a shorter break away. Each time I'll allow Sandy to fuck who and as many men as she wants. At home she's all mine and her dildo's of course. "


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