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" :'( ok so i went shopping today with my mom and sister and the whole time my mom was ignoring me and only buying clothes and shoes for my sister and anytime i picked something out she would say mmm no thats too expensive, or no you wouldn't wear that. ugh. So immature You have to be so fucking immature- even in PUBLIC!! I tell you that I have to work on my English essay and I didn't just tell you once, I told you fucking 5 times or even more! Yet you go on whining about how tired you are and lean on me, then sleep on me, hold me in a way that I can't even fucking type anymore, and constantly talk to me!!! I tell you to sit up like 4 times but you don't- I literally have to push you up and only then to receive more whines from you about being tired. Well wtf can I DO ABOUT IT I'M GOD DAMN WORKING- GO SLEEP ON THE FUCKING DESK BITCH Thanks to your clingy and immature actions I was unable to make much progress on my essay and now I've got to stay up late doing it. Thank you so very much fucking ignorant jerk. You're so god damn selfish- everything has to be about you, everything we talk about must be about you or else you'll ignore me. Everything you do, I must let you- I have to let you have your way even if I don't like it or else you'll whine and embarrass me so in public. Last time when I told you about how insecure I am and my low self-confidence, you just kept repeating "don't be silly" but you never said anything else!!! It's like you didn't even bother reading what I said!! Then you just tell me that you need to sleep and go right on ahead to sleep. Wow. Thanks for your concern. Honestly, I bet you still talk to that slut of bitch. After what she has done, what she has said about me, what she gossips about me-your own fucking girlfriend- you are still fucking willing to talk to her!! Can't you see what a big shit of a bitch she is?! "I'm good with guys soo.... yeah" BULLSHIT MAN you're only good with older dudes who never got laid cause they just game all day and you go in with your "imma gamer gurl xoxo" crap- and you wonder why I greeted you with a "Hello bitch"? You knew my bf was with me yet you still go on flirting with him after you finished sucking some other dude's cock. I even tried to be friendly with you since YOU were the one who asked to be friends with me!! and you just shut me right down and go ahead saying that I'm annoying to my own bf!!!! I swear I'm gonna FUCK UP YOUR SHITTY ASS HEAD CAUSE ALL YOU'RE GOOD FOR IS CONTAMINATING THE EARTH WITH DUMBASS BITCHES WHO DON'T KNOW WHEN TO FUCK OFF You then go on about "polygamy" and crap like that then use a false support of "your bf likes it too that's why we get along so well" crap- yeah sure go ahead and troll me all you want little bitch idc, if you're looking for a fight with me then why don't you fucking come over? I'll show you a fight bitch- I'll crush your tiny ass 4 feet body. You then have the nerve to go on telling me that I don't know what love is cause I'm only in HS?! HUH BITCH?! YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW?! MTHFKR YOU DON'T KNOW OK- STOP FUCKING DESCRIBING YOURSELF BITCH. Let me ask you why you think polygamy is so good hmm? That just proves you're a slut. Don't deny it cause it's true- you defined it as "having sex partners". yeah that's right- sex partners. Please teach me more about love. -.- What really gives me a laugh is that you are actually upset at the fact that my bf supposedly cheated on you with me!!! HAHAHA BITCH WTF ARE YOU FUCKING THINKING? You ask if I'm upset at the fact that he was dating both of us but then left you for me after a week- or not even. Never saw each other, never went out, never hugged- nothing. You actually got upset over that? Let me tell you something, little dear- You can try all you can to steal a guy from me, you will never win. Why so confident? because you suck shit- you're short as fuck with a shit attitude, ever wonder why you have so many haters and I don't? You don't know when to fuck off and when to stfu. You think I don't keep his well being in mind- LOL you don't give two shits about him cause you're gonna harm him by giving him STDs man. True slut. You cake up your face with makeup and still don't look good- even my bf rated you a 6/10 with makeup. Like come on, stop trying if you're never gonna bother improving. I'm fine with girls who cake their face with makeup- do it nicely and right. If you fucking do it and then say "natural beauty" I'm gonna laugh so hard I think you'll even be charged with homicide cause you'll kill me with that. Right now I don't really want to leave him, even after all the terrible things he's done to me, because I'm scared that there will be no one better in my life's pathway. and she was buying dresses and fancy shoes for my sister who doesn't even like that stuff! in total she spent about $200 for my sixter and she wouldn't let me buy something that cost $40 :( on the way home she asked me if i wanted to go to a dif store and i said yea so we went and she acted all rude and was yawning obviously loudly just to let me know she wanted me to hurry up and stuff and yea i hated today and my family "


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