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"burning hatred Not too long ago, there was a tornado and my dad told me his girlfriend and her daughter/granddaughter were camping in the area the tornado was. He said he had been up worried all night, because he hadn’t been able to get ahold of them. I wished his girlfriend had died or atleast got hurt, shes truly the only person I hate. I hate that since shes come into the picture he spends all his time with her family and I went from seeing him every other weekend to not having seen him in 5 years. I hate that shes turned him against us. I hate that she talks s*** about my mom when shes never even met her. I hate that she tries to turn my brother and I against our mom. I hate that she says hateful things about me and he won’t back me up. I hate her for trying to make me feel bad for all of this, and saying that everything that happened was our fault."


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