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"do you get that. I have to save and go without somethings to save the money to afford holidays and top medical treatment and entertainment nights and xmas etc. nothing comes for free here yet. I save and I make do on less then you could. so stop making out just because I take my mother out for the night that I am living some high secret life. I don't drink. I don't smoke, I don't over eat, I don't gamble, I don't have random treats, I rarely eat out, I have no friends and no man and no kids and no car, no phone and no tv. I eat healthy cheap foods and cheap clothing. don't judge me just because I save and go on the first holiday in over 20 years or go take my mother out to a dance show, when I have to save for that. I have to go without things to have that. I think my pure indulgence is a massage/[hysio appointment now and then. don't create a drama of riches where is not one just because I save save save and live on less then you! I don't get nails done and I rarely go for hair cuts anymore, I don't go waxing or spray tanning or holidays every 2nd month of the year. I don't even have a vibrator. so I save money. that is all I care about is saving. I have bought furniture that once again I saved for, I had to save for a few years for that. I bought courses I had to save for. I bought a car I had to save for and give money back to the guarantor. so don't come your game with me. you can stop that dirty mongrel game right now. when I save i save, I can be extremely tight with money. I had to save for things. I don't have rich parents."


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