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"shows you the blitch the chook cookie is. doesn't even want to have her brother in her house yet the other brother has and cookie is a lazy oaf of a thing. god should never have put breath into. cookie the chook is evil. she can't even help her brother get here and prefers him to stay in asia in her house resort she frauded off burnie the burning arsonist. yeh, great family you have there. and all because of useless alex who thinks he is better then everyone and he should be helping his wife's brother get here. why can't they all fuck off back. she is still just using burnie the burning arsonist for money and house - they are probably having a threesome as we talk right now. evil mental cookie the chook up to her no good stealing other peoples families and homes and welfare cheque. dirty woman. very dirty sick pathetic old women who should be burnt at the stake like the witch she is. only used burnie to get here and take his money. that is clear. fraud witch."

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