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"my doctor told me to tell sally off, so I gave her all I had and ripped into her. I didn't like doing it. but it let out some pent up anger in me over old women like her shutting me down all my life and making me feel less and stopping me getting with men i like. so I gave it to her as my doctor told me to. I just did want he said to do. i don't know if it was good or helped me. i even told people to F off, i mean at 43 to be telling choir conductor i admired for her talent only not for the awful person she is, was contriversal and hard but I was about survival not about ego which all of them were about making their CD and I liked making the CD choir religious songs a lot. I just occassionally get angry. like the night the stupid railway woman blew the whistle for the child. i mean railway protocol is that the whistle be blown on when it is ment to be not for a child indulgences and besides she should have seen my father fell out of the train. so I yelled at her i had to to get her to hear me. I had to be strong and i got cranky. a rule is a rule for a reason and no other reason. that is what i was taught in law. i have some eye and hearing problems and yet my general vision pre-dervision or what ever has a wider expressive stance to her and I am ultra alert and hyper-vigilent to awareness and what is going on around me, I should have been a cop or security person cuz I can see in the corner of my eye, you learn to have eyes in the back of your head when you on alarm for danger most of your life. I had to make my point clear to someone who should not be holding down a job, you do it right or you don't do it at all. I could do the job better but I don't care to as I have never had a role in a job with power to give orders and I am a humble person basically. but don't get on the wrong side of me."

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