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"i think accidents in rail way should call ambulance to be on the safe side if a man of 70 or even anyone really falls over they could have had a stroke, a seizure or have injuries later after the shock wares off and to me, it should help cover their ass as well as the passenger, and its one thing to be embarrased over falling over but I wouldn't feel embarrased about something as small as that I have fallen over a few times and just get back up. i mean you have to give up part of your embarrassment and humility to allow others to serve and help you in those situations. and i heard one guy tell the abulance they don't know their profession enough and he has been through what I have being told to stay away so you stop getting help and suffer it out alone and you soon learn when your a bother to others, and I don't think that is a good thing especially when there is a complete hospital grounds going to waste at wynnum that should be used to its maximum capacity and as a normal hosptial with emergency and operating theatres and build up on it to make it bigger to cater for population. I don't understand the state govt. its just madness. I look at common sense! "


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