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"i told my mum on the cruise ship when they wanted to search her bag thinking she had alcohol and all it was was a shampoo, I said "mum your not incontrol here on the ship they can say and do what they like and they give an order and you take it and do as you dam well told or they can kick you off, you can get mad all you like and tell them you know there is no alcohol in their but they are just doing a job and they are going to demand you open it up to search it" they are the C's I said, the bastards that rule and dictate bark orders and you have to be gutsy enough to take a order and shut the f up and take it. i spent most of my childhood and life doing that, having law teachers barking at me, and mum had a job of management too young, whereas I know how to take orders and take it. I have had ambulance officers yelling at me, one literally screamed violently at my face inches away to move during expo 88 and i only had about 500 people behind me who wouldn't move so I don't were the whore thought i was supposed to go. I just took it and I could crumble but what is the point. I often cry alone later. you have to get over being bashed and kicked and barked at. see I know how to play the underdog so well unlike so many people around me. but i can give orders and politely and i can take control and demand an action from workers to when i feel its appropriate. i like to get people from behind. "

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