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"someone said to me, "shit catherine I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of you" after I yelled at his train guard but I sort of shocked myself it was just impulsive acting from adreneline the fear that the doors were going to slam on me and the train go and the fact that dad fell out of the train and she failed to do her duty first and formost which is to maintain the integrity of the safety of passengers I went for her and she knew she did the wrong thing. I mean I know I lost it. but I was so angry at her. how is a passenger supposed to know "Oh the whistle was just to entertain a child of 2" like you could have made a public announcement you stupid cow! "oh sorry passengers but ignore the whistle about to go off its just to entertain a child its not a real one" like am I in the twilight fucking zone or what? its like the day the dumb dick at the shops in the rain has mats and wet floor everywhere someone was bound to fall on slipery tiles and maybe the duty of care lies with the shops to not have slippery tiles near a entrence to avoid risks. makes common sense to me. stupid idiots, so I gave them a nice little genuflect when I fell and a finger full of grace when a cab driver got abusive to me. loving moments with me ! "

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