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"fuck off john stop bullying and abusing me, I have told my doctor about you ruthlessly insulting people and your father telling your mother and father to shut up and suck my dick all the time, the things you damaged in their house and also how you and darren were torturing a intellectually disable man with your Cindy Bardot character and I never found that funny. its low. your not in any position at all to attack me. I have told police and a court of law how abusive you have been and I am not tolerating your shit anymore. you learn the lesson the hard way. you have been spoilt and you need harsh disipline your parents don't even want to know you. your a rude person. you are a mean rude teenager that need a harsh father instead you were throwing cushions at him and telling your father to shut up. that is rude. telling your father to suck my dick is rude. abusing me yelling at me all the time and your rude behavior my doctor is not impressed at your behavior at all nor is mum and dad. don't come mr innocent with me john. you need a good kick up the ass and if joyce was half a woman that abusive nutcase of sex maniac women would have seen the truth infront of her rather then abusing me. don't even try it john. the court already know what your about. I don't even want to hear excuses or a sorry. you can go to hell. and I never want to see or speak to you and your kids ever again, your family are ashamed of you. your rudeness. your arrogance. your gonna get the come down you deserve mr and mrs ruth spoit shitbag."


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